Okay, this is just a random question thrown out to any high-IQ types who might be reading this zovirax cream.

Do you get self conscious when you’re on the phone?

I find that I really don’t like other people to overhear me when I’m on the phone. I don’t mind the talking to the person on the other end (though I do prefer video chat to voice only); what I dislike is for somebody physically near me to hear my one side of the conversation.


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3 Responses to Conscious

  1. She_The_Anomaly says:

    I find I hate having conversations with more than one person at a time period.

    This is because it is SO HARD to explain anything worthwhile to anyone. It becomes tedious very quickly. I spend so very much time explaining myself I have little space left in my conversations for feelings of connection. Having only one person to explain to is complicated enough. I have to take their perspective into consideration, I have to figure out a way of translating from my point of view so that it fits into theirs. And this is dangerous. Its dangerous to try and get someone to understand – not because of the risk they won’t understand at all, but because they might MISUNDERSTAND.

    So, here I am, trying to explain myself to one person, and I have to constantly mind how my perspective is going to be taken by the other person, calculate if they will misunderstand. At the same time, I am expected to be able to speak at a pace that doesn’t make people wait for long periods of time while I try and figure everything out. So I’m under the clock, too, while I do this. And it doesn’t help that people tend to err on the side of caution. They are always assuming the worst because they have no idea how to judge me properly, having no experience with gifted adults. So they just err on the side of caution. Which, for me, means I get to feel anywhere between a bit concerned and extremely stressed out while trying to navigate this damn minefield of potential misunderstandings, hoping I don’t get myself in a situation where it’s completely impossible to explain to both people at once, because it would mean that at least one of them would misunderstand me no matter what I say.

    Yeah. I hate having conversations with more than one person at a time.

    • Fred says:

      I think that might have something to do with why I don’t like talking on the phone. You lose an entire landscape of physical nonverbal cues to work off of.

      Of course I have no problem talking to people online, just typing, where you also lose tone of voice. Typing, of course, I have all the time I might need to consider exactly what I want to say (though I tend to go pretty fast, and I’m a fast typist, but still slower than normal speaking). So it’s a trade-off. I think I also like typed conversations because it’s possible to go back and see what has been said in order to clarify, and because the other person can’t do a “that’s not what I said”. Well… they can, but they don’t get away with it.

      All that being said, I don’t have a particular problem talking to multiple people, per se, though you certainly lose the potential intimacy of a truly one-on-one conversation.

      On an almost unrelated subject, I also have a bit of a tic where I will turn my ear toward the person speaking. Sometimes they end up turning their head trying to figure out what I’m looking at. I’m not looking at anything, I’m *listening*. The fact that I have bad vision probably causes me to mentally discount what I see in favor of hearing, so unconsciously my ear’s orientation is more important than my eyes, but for most people it’s the opposite so they don’t instinctively grasp what I’m doing.

  2. She_The_Anomaly says:

    I’m glad I seem to have solved it for you. (:

    LOL about the ear thing – that’s great!

    Me, I’m just slopping the words on in person. Well depending how tired or whatever I am. A lot of times I am articulate. But the language disorder stupidifies what I’m saying often.

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