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I want you to play a little imagination game with me. Try to picture the following in your mind:

You’re having a conversation about cooking, and at some point you start explaining to somebody how to cook something. You’re giving a recipe, basically. You say something like “Put two cups of flour in a large bowl. Add half a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix that together. Then add two eggs and a quarter cup of water.” And so on.

The weird thing is that the person starts arguing with you and telling you your directions are complete nonsense. Nonsense? What did you say wrong? You’re pretty sure you’re being clear. So you ask questions back, but at this point they’re mad at you for being a jerk — and now you’re completely lost. What’s going on here??? The conversation wasn’t even contentious, and all of a sudden they’re fighting you — and you don’t even quite grasp what they think you’re disagreeing on.

So after some heated back and forth, you discover that somehow they aren’t hearing the words coming out of your mouth. What they hear is more like:

“Put two cups of food in a large bowl. Add half a cup of food and a teaspoon of food. Mix that together. Then add two foods and a quarter cup of food.”

Now you’re getting mad at them because they’re just not listening to you. They’re not even trying — so eager to argue that they’re making a fight out of nothing. You’re using plain language. The words make sense. They’re the right words, in the right order, but somehow the other person just isn’t connecting to the meaning. It’s as though they’re glossing over the details and hearing only the broadest sense of the words, or sometimes not even the proper meaning — broad or not. And they’re irritated at you for this!

I have these conversations a lot. Memorial Day weekend I spent time with my family and got into at least two of these arguments. Sometimes it’s an effort for me to convince myself that, No, they really don’t understand. They’re not being obtuse on purpose, and yes they really do think that I’m being unreasonable. But Heaven F—— Forbid it be suggested that there are different levels of intellect. Obviously I’m the one with a problem — it must be, because they outnumber me.

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  1. She_The_Anomaly says:

    Sigh, yeah.

    I have been having similar problems lately. Of course this is my fault for talking to the wrong people. But. Its not exactly easy to find the right ones, soo…. okay

    One person in particular has been … lol … he’s been trying to tell me that its not loneliness I have, that I need something greater in life – religion. Well that would be nice. He doesn’t realize how jealous I am of his circumstance – being able to believe nice, meaningful things about life such as that God never gives you anything you can’t handle, and because God exists, everything is intended, and therefore there is meaning (somehow?). So I am bludgeoned cruelly by his ignorance “You can choose what to believe.” – Mind you, WHILE I’m incredibly jealous of his ability to have meaning in life and am feeling things many times worse than he’s ever experienced.

    Lol so I have to explain “I may not believe that humans can know the truth but I still believe the truth exists. I cannot just ditch the search and start believing things willy nilly. That’s the definition of insanity. The things we do in life do not work out if our perceptions aren’t based on reality.” That I actually had to explain that is… This having to explain myself all the time thing is just too much. I cannot have a normal conversation with anyone. I don’t find this worthwhile. My conversations with most people are a waste of time.

    • Fred says:

      Reply to your religious friend: “If I were to convince you that your life would be completely happy if only you believed, with all your heart, in Santa Claus… could you make yourself believe in Santa Claus?”

    • Fred says:

      Years ago, when I first became an atheist, a friend of mine argued to me, “I think you’ll find that your life is a lot easier if you believe in God.” Well, yes, but that isn’t exactly an argument that He exists, so much as an argument for how religion could exist even if He doesn’t.

  2. She_The_Anomaly says:

    Lol, Fred. That makes me feel a LOT better. (:


    Say, I solved a health problem I was having and… suddenly, incredible problem solving abilities manifested themselves out of nowhere – I had this familiar feeling I could solve anything, given enough time. I solved a whole bunch of problems that had been bothering me for a long time — in a week. My problem solving abilities were totally suppressed by the health condition I had. And that was making me depressed.

    It makes me wonder if you might have some undiscovered underlying cause. This was so insidious for me that I really didn’t see it… not until I figured out what it was and could take actions that would turn the symptoms on and off.

    Then I saw it clearly.

    One day, I was wishing I was dead. The next, I was FINE.

    I had the exact same problems the next day as the former. But I felt good!

    Its like the disease took all the enjoyment out of solving things… and made it impossible to figure out solutions besides. No wonder I was wishing I was dead. I couldn’t see my way out.

    You might benefit extremely from considering whether some underlying medical problem might be causing this.

    • Fred says:

      Can you give any details? What type of health problem?

      (The reason I ask the nature of the problem is that my shrink recently suggested I have my doctor check my hormone levels. Perhaps she’s on the same page as you are.)

  3. She_The_Anomaly says:

    A psychologist friend I have told me not too long ago that most mental conditions were caused by a medical condition. I didn’t disbelieve it when I read it, but I found something that seems to confirm it:

    So I was researching IBS and I found that 94% of IBS people have a psychiatric condition. (Cite: Well, of course I go to look at what percent of the population has IBS. I get figures ranging from 10-20%. (One cite:;jsessionid=CEE41A33AA45BD00ECE4AC86F17D0C01.d01t01) Then I do a search for what percent of the population has a psychiatric condition. 10-20%. (One cite: Well gee…

    I just went through that. I experienced it first hand. I had IBS, figured out the cause (Candida overgrowth) treated it (my damn self) got it into an intermittent phase (wasn’t perfect with treatment) and watched my mood adjust itself IN PERFECT SYNCH with my physical symptoms… One day I was miserable and couldn’t deal with life (and had symptoms), and the next day I was FINE — with the exact same life (and no symptoms). This happened over and over and over again, so many times I am sure that it was the damn candida. And now that its gone, I’m just not experiencing anything like that anymore. Except the occasional dietary mistake.

    I looked for some explanation for the link between depression and candida, but of course there is no good test for candida (I even had to write a special canned email for friends who were concerned that candida overgrowth was pseudoscience which contained rational explanations about this…) so there’s not adequate research.

    Then it dawned on me.

    Your gastrointestinal system has several thousand square feet of surface area. That is also where 80% of your immune system is. Any organism capable of overgrowing in your digestive system has not only managed to overcome 80% of your immune system, but also has managed to infect an area that is 100 times the size of your external body. Imagine having a rash head to toe – times one hundred, on the inside! That is very, very serious.

    Fighting any major health condition can be exhausting, because your body has to put so much of it’s resources towards that. This condition, doubly so, because it interferes with the absorption of the nutrients you need to fight it. Not only that but micro-organisms often produce toxins as a byproduct of their energy production mechanisms. So you’ve got a whole pile of toxins to clean up on top of all that. What would be surprising is if this condition DIDN’T cause fatigue and depression. When you’re that fatigued, problem-solving seems impossible, not to mention finding the energy to implement a solution. So feeling stuck and depressed is nearly inevitable.

    When I finally got the damn stuff under control, I was smacked with these incredible problem solving abilities that … at that point, I only vaguely remembered that I had.

    My memory is still a bit messed up from all this, but I seem 100% better otherwise!

    I really hope you look into this for depression / anxiety! If you want to try candida elimination, its not easy, but I will tell you about my experience and can refer you to a doctor who understands it!

    • Fred says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s a two-way street. I’ve mentioned GI distress in the past — I take acidophilus and such to keep things going. Multiple doctors have told me it’s caused by stress, and I’ve no doubt that it’s a feedback loop to an extent. I’ve actually started exercising in the past few months, and it’s had a pretty good effect. Started out with just push ups and such; now I’m doing weight lifting (which is hysterical if you know what a twiggy thing I was in my early 20s).

    • Fred says:

      She —
      1) I doubt I have the specific candida issue, but it has certainly occurred to me that if your digestive system is (shall we say) backed up, and all the waste that your body should be getting rid of is remaining inside, that has to be releasing toxins of all sorts back into your system. My complexion gets notably worse when I’m showing symptoms.

      2) Recently watched Mel Brooks’ “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”. One of the running jokes was Dr. Seward constantly prescribing for his mental patients “another enema!” Seems old Mel agrees with you.

      3) Two words: Acidophilus Pearls

  4. Fred says:

    She — I know you haven’t been around for a long while, but just in case you’re still listening…

    You were right about the candida. Simply taking caprylic acid had a huge positive effect on my health. Thank you.

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